Security Guard Survey #1: Results

Last week, we emailed a survey to our customer database to get a better understanding of where our students work, their primary job responsibilities and the types of blog posts they would be most interested in reading.  Having received over 100 responses, we’re excited to share the results with you.

With New York City’s stature as a global business capital, it comes as no surprise that office buildings are where the majority of respondents do their work as security guards.  Primary responsibilities include: front desk concierge; access control/screening; and watch guard duties, including CCTV monitoring.  About a third of respondents split work between different settings.  Most mentioned work setting combinations:

  • Office building & Construction Site
  • Office building & Bank
  • Retail store & School/Museum/Library
  • Residential & Church/Shelters

Future Blog Topics

The survey gave us lots of insights into blog topics.  By far (no surprise here) career advancement and ways to earn more came out way ahead–about 38% of respondents.  Armed security guard training came in second, followed by information on additional licenses, certifications relevant to security guards and OSHA certification.  Other interesting topics emerged:  executive protection; sporting events security and situational tactics.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.  You’ve given us clear direction for future topics.  You can look forward to getting actionable advice on additional training and certifications that will help you advance your career and job satisfaction.

Survey Results

 Primary Work Settings

Primary Job Responsibility