F01 Fireguard Prep Class

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About Course

The latest FDNY F-01 Fireguard for Impairment course, as of 2024, is designed to train individuals to perform fire watch duties when a required fire protection system is out of service. This Certificate of Fitness is necessary for maintaining safety and compliance in various buildings throughout New York City.

### Course Overview:
– **Purpose:** The F-01 Certificate of Fitness is required for fire guards responsible for conducting fire watch duties in any occupancy where the fire protection system is temporarily out of service. This includes both planned and unplanned outages.
– **Duties:** Fire guards must patrol the affected areas to identify and control fire hazards, detect early signs of fire, raise an alarm, and notify the Fire Department. For the first four hours of an out-of-service condition affecting an area not exceeding 50,000 square feet, the fire watch can be performed by an impairment coordinator or a trained individual designated by the building owner. After four hours, only individuals holding the F-01 Certificate of Fitness can continue the patrols.

### Key Topics Covered:
1. **Fire Watch Duties:**
– Conducting regular patrols to monitor for fire hazards.
– Maintaining detailed logs of fire watch activities.
– Immediate reporting and emergency response procedures.

2. **Fire Protection Systems:**
– Understanding different types of fire protection systems (e.g., sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire alarms).
– Procedures for handling out-of-service fire protection systems.

3. **Emergency Procedures:**
– Steps to take in case of a fire emergency.
– Coordinating with emergency services and assisting in evacuation.

4. **Legal and Ethical Responsibilities:**
– Compliance with the New York City Fire Code.
– Ethical conduct and professional behavior expected of fire guards.

### Certification Process:
– **Exam:** Candidates must pass a multiple-choice exam to receive the F-01 Certificate of Fitness. The exam tests knowledge on fire watch duties, fire protection systems, emergency procedures, and legal requirements.
– **Validity:** The certificate is valid for the individual to whom it is issued and can be used citywide within New York City.

### Training:
The F-01 course is typically offered by accredited institutions, such as the NY Fire Safety Institute. Classes cover all necessary materials and provide practical training to prepare candidates for the certification exam.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Conduct fire watches and patrols.
  • Inspect fire protection systems.
  • Handle emergency procedures.
  • Maintain accurate logs.
  • Use fire extinguishers.
  • Understand legal responsibilities and lithium-ion battery safety

Course Content

Part 1

  • Introduction
  • The NYFD F-01 courses Test

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