Getting an Armed Security Guard License

How to Get a NY State Armed Security Guard License

With the start of the new year, perhaps one of your new year’s resolutions is to make more money.  Of course, to make that happen, you need a plan.  Acquiring additional training and certifications should definitely be a part of this plan.  This blog post covers armed security guard training.

The responsibility and danger that goes with holding a firearm and the potential possibility of actually using it on the job may not be for everyone.  Former police officers and those with military experience make up most of  the ranks of these positions.  However, those without these backgrounds and who are interested can pursue the required training to become a licensed armed security guard.  With the added responsibility, comes higher pay.  Average hourly rates in New York top $26/hour (source:   

In addition to possessing a security guard license, you’ll need to do the following to get an armed security guard license: 

Obtain a Firearms License.  This license allows you to carry a firearm.  To be eligible, you must be 21 or older; have no prior felonies or serious offense convictions; be of good moral character; have a legally recognized reason for possessing a license.  Application is administered through county offices (not State).  Because of the extensive background screening required, you can expect the process (either approval or denial) to take a minimum of 4-months. 

Complete a 47-Hour Firearms training course.  This is made up of a 7-hour classroom session and 40 hours of training at a firing range.  The classroom training covers Use of Force (NYS Penal Law Art. 35), followed by a written exam.  Click here for a list of approved schools that offer Firearms Training (Star Security currently does not offer this training.)

Once completed, your security training school can help you with the application process for obtaining your license.  Just like security guard licenses, maintaining a valid armed security guard license requires taking an 8-hour armed security guard training update annually.  

Get more detailed information on training and the application process from the NY State Division of Criminal Justice Service’s Licensing page.

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