Opportunities for Licensed Security Guards

While the need for security officers has decreased in some areas- airports, concerts, etc. all over the world because of COVID-19, there are still many opportunities and locations where security guards are in high demand. Here are 5 opportunities available to security officers in light of the pandemic:

Stores and businesses- maintaining social distancing

Now that some businesses are able to open again, they’re not without certain social distancing and mask-wearing protocols. Right now, your typical grocery stores, healthcare institutions, hotels, and businesses that filter in customers are seeking more help from security guards to monitor the number of people that enter buildings and if they are respecting the social distancing rules. 

Closed facilities- preventing vandalism

Even though some facilities may be closed due to COVID-19 like parks, recreational areas, or just empty buildings, they are still at risk of being vandalised and destroyed. Oftentimes, empty spaces are the perfect target for vandalism, property damage, spray-painting, etc. More security is needed in these facilities, especially at night, which is the prime time for vandals. Without more security, these facilities could be in danger of more serious harm done. 

Schools/College campuses

Schools and colleges across the globe are now open and in need of more security than ever. Colleges that are home to thousands of students have increased security in areas on campus that are usually highly populated such as dining facilities, gyms, sports stadiums, etc. Many schools and colleges are requesting more security personnel to be stationed in these highly populated areas to ensure the students are properly wearing their masks and are adhering to the social distancing regulations of the school. 

Mobile patrol for businesses/offices and closed spaces

Another area where security guards are needed are on mobile patrols of certain business offices and closed down buildings. This is a great opportunity because it requires little to no contact with other people keeping you and others at low-risk of infection while protecting the general public.


The cyber branch of security has grown exponentially since the pandemic hit. Being secluded at home and having to work from home, cybersecurity is a great opportunity in the security field right now. There are many branches within cybersecurity that are available:  network security, information technology, data loss prevention, video surveillance, analytics, cloud security, and so much more.