Part-Time Opportunities for Security Guards

Many opportunities to supplement your income

Taking on part-time jobs to add to your income is always a good idea! It’s a great opportunity to earn extra hours, gain experience in a different field, and who knows… that part time job could become a career you’re passionate about in the future! Or, you may be retired from military service and are looking for a way to still be involved in the community! Within the security industry, there are so many different opportunities full-time and part-time for security officers that are a great income-booster! Here are just a few job opportunities for security officers part-time!

Campus security 

Probably the #1 most rewarding part time security job is within college campuses (sometimes available to students too!). Campus security jobs offer extremely flexible hours, usually the hours that you request to work, and require minimal preparation. It’s a great way to earn extra money when you have some time off or are looking for something to do! 

Evening shift public safety

Have time in the evenings? There are multiple organizations that need security officers for night shift vehicle patrols, overnight building surveillance, responding to emergencies, etc. 


A great security part-time job is in cybersecurity! Only have a few hours in the day to fill? There are some opportunities where you can do this job from the comfort of your own home! You can conduct cybersecurity research, penetration testing, analysis, and even surveillance part-time while bringing in some extra income! 

Nightclub security

Another great part-time opportunity for security officers is at nightclubs or entertainment centers. Work the hours you want making sure that individuals are kept safe and adhering to regulations (ID carding, escorting entertainers to and from the building, diffusing harmful situations, etc.)

The opportunities are endless!