16 Hour on the Job Training Course (2 day course: 8AM-4PM)



Our 2-day, 16-hour On the Job Training course is offered ONCE a week. THURSDAY-FRIDAY from 8am to 4pm. If you start the class on  THURSDAY 8AM-4PM , YOU FINISH ON FRIDAY 8AM-4PM.   No appointment is needed.  However, you must come no later than 8 am on the day you want to take the course.  The cost is $150 cash and $154 with credit or debit card. Class can be paid online or in person.

 You must bring the following with you on the day you take the course:

 –A valid government issued picture ID such as a drivers’ license or U.S. passport.

–a valid social security card. Your certificate will not be registered at the Department of state if you do not provide the correct  social security number, date of birth or the correct spelling of your name.

For any other questions, please visit our website at starsecuritytraining.com.

Due to the social distancing therefore limited seating,  CLASS PAID ONLINE ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

The 16 Hour OJT Security Training Topics Covered:
✓ The role of the security guard in protecting property and lives

✓ Legal powers and limitations

✓ Handling emergency situations

✓ Access control procedures

✓ Communications and public relations

✓ Report writing

✓ Ethics and Conduct

✓ Reviews and examination

Bring the following on the day you take the course:

1. A picture ID (Must be either government issued or school issued)
2. Your Social Security Number
3. Notebook and pen for taking notes

All classes start at 8 am sharp. Check-in and registration start 30 minutes before class starts. Please arrive no later than 7:45.

We look forward to meeting you and jumpstarting your security guard career!


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