Security Guards in the Pandemic

In light of the global pandemic, COVID-19, security guards and officers’ roles have had to change drastically. Altering strategies in the effort to uphold social distancing rules on top of their daily duties has been the cornerstone in keeping businesses open and running and keeping the public safe. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, drastic measures have been taken in order to ensure the safety and welfare of the public and to keep the virus from spreading. For example, one of the most vital ways security officers are doing this is in healthcare services. Everything from patrolling certain hospital zones and providing routes adhering to social distancing guidelines to carrying out COVID screenings and practicing proper hygiene- they’ve done it all. Security services are also needed for transferring patients throughout the hospital and ensuring the number of visitors is limited. 

Another area where security services are needed most is the general public. This includes public parks, stores, major cities, college campuses, sports games, etc. Security officers are there to make certain that people are properly wearing masks, to filter the number of people in one space, to oversee people safely entering and exiting stadiums, and to monitor social gatherings in order to prevent further outbreak and any social distancing violations. Places that are regularly filled with people in what would be close-quarters is where security services are extremely vital. The job is not only to prevent crime anymore, but to ensure the overall safety and health of the public. 

It’s no secret that security officers are being challenged in ways that we never saw coming. To go above and beyond their normal duties is to be commended. But it is also important that they take the time to take care of themselves as well. Making sure that they have all the equipment they need to protect themselves (PPE- personal protective equipment) like face shields, gloves, and masks is the top priority. 

Despite all the extra challenges that security officers are now facing with the pandemic, technology has proved to be an extreme help. The use of drones, video surveillance, and security cameras in certain facilities allow officers to carry out their duties while staying safely distanced from others.  

COVID-19 has certainly shifted and altered our lives in ways that none of us could have prepared for. It has attacked our lives with full force and has driven us to adapt in many ways. Our security forces on the front lines of this global pandemic have taken on the responsibility to protect not only themselves and their loved ones, but the rest of the world at all costs and continue to do so faithfully. 

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