Welcome to Star Security Training’s Inaugural Blog Post!

Our goal in launching a blog is to create informative, actionable content to help the NYS security guards--both newcomers and seasoned vets-- increase their earning potential and advance their careers.   Our frontline sources will include hiring managers of NYC’s leading security guard companies and NYS Division of Licensing Services.  Here’s are just a few examples of what you can look forward to reading about in coming posts: 

✓ Strategies for landing your first security guard job 

✓  What hiring managers look for in assessing candidates for both entry-level and managerial positions. 

✓  How to “slam dunk” an interview 

✓  Navigating past convictions when applying for your license 

✓  How to earn more with additional licenses and training 

✓  Dedicated posts highlighting different types of security guard jobs 

From time to time, we’ll also be conducting online surveys focused on security guard job satisfaction and challenges and sharing those results with you.  We hope the blog becomes a part of your monthly reading.  We invite you to sign up to receive the posts in your email.  Simply fill out and submit our blog sign up form below.

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15 thoughts on “Blog

  1. It’s a lot of writing but it was all worth and the class was very interesting with good vibes. I will definitely be back to take up so more courses

    1. Chameeka,
      Thanks for your endorsement of our training. Hope to see you back for your annual license renewal training!

  2. I appreciate what Star Security Training and the directors the made my dreams a reality thanks to this company I can finally accomplish my goals of being FBI CIA or join the secret service thank you Mr Moyé and Mrs. Kitchen without the both none of this will be possible thank you so much

    1. Wow! Thanks for the high praise you give to Star Security for helping you reach your goals. We’re sure you’ll achieve your dreams. Will pass along your kind words for Mr Moye and Ms Kitchen.

  3. Mr.Moye is one of the best instructors that I’ve had by far. He has so much humor in his teaching which makes it so much easier to learn the material and he engages with each and every one of his classmates.

  4. I just received my 8hr Pre-assignment and my 16hr O.J.T in 3 days! I received the best knowledge, training and laughs from Mr. Moyé. He is a great instructor and I suggest him to anyone seeking their security license training. Great staff and program. Thank you guys for giving me this amazing opportunity.

  5. Great experience, thanks to the instructor Mr.Bóynes. Thank you for the extra knowledge on security guard training and everyday life situations. If you really want to learn something make sure you get there early. Good luck to all.!!!!

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